M22759/32 spec laidas 16AWG, juodas

1.50€ / m

Be PVM: 1.24€

Kodas: M22759/32-16-0

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M22759/32 is a lightweight, high temperature airframe and avionics wire insulated with a single layer of cross-linked, modified ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) insulation. The insulation provides superior cut-\\rough and abrasion resistance making it ideal for use in Mil-Spec and Aerospace applications.

Color: Black
Conductor Type: Tin Plated Copper
Gauge: 16
Insulation: Cross-linked Modified ETFE
Temp: 150
Voltage Rating: 600V

Laido diametras: 16 AWG / 1.23 mm2

Laido ilgis: 1 m

Spalva: Juoda