Bosch Motorsport ABS M5 Kit Clubsport

Product code: F 02U V05 294-01

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  • Enhanced brake performance with further developed ABS control algorithm (for example, corner braking)
  • Calculation and display of optimal brake balance
  • New ABS hardware for improved wheel slip control
  • Extended variety of wheel speed sensors
  • Improved system robustness due to cancellation of susceptible brake light input
  • Diagnostics via CAN as driver information (for example, warning messages on driver display)
  • Optimized performance and shortened braking distance through individual adjustment of slip with respect to downforce
  • Only one software version for three hardware variants
  • Hardwired wheel speed sensor signal output
  • Generic wiring harness to fit all engine bay and front foot well locations for the hydraulic module
  • Same ABS hardware as standard ABS M5 Kit

The ABS M5 Kit Clubsport is developed for the operation in front-, rear- or 4-wheel drive vehicles. A generic wiring harness is included in the kit. This enables us to provide the kit with a significan reduced price.