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Product code: X40GPS8AM400


 GPS08 is more precise than most of the existing GPS systems, as it has been designed to add to the GPS satellite's signal the Global Navigation Satellite (Glonass) system's signal. 

With an average of almost twenty satellites working in conjunction, GPS08 guarantees a precision and a reliability simply not comparable to the old generation GPS systems.

The benefits are huge:
An average of less than one meter tolerance, which means absolute precision in determining vehicle position in curves and when the finish line is very close to another track segment
Satellite signal is locked very rapidly. A few seconds after switch-on, the GPS08 is ready to operate
No risk of missing the signal anymore, as - in case of 'noise' or interferences on one system - the other system will guarantee the signal continuity


Dimensions – 64.8 x 53.2 x 19.7 mm

Weight – 60.5 g

Cable Length – 4m