Deutsch ASDD oval. lizdas Size 06, 9x 26AWG, SC

74.36€ / vnt.

Be PVM: 61.45€

Kodas: ASDD006-09SC

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Next Generation Connector – high density and high performance 5 shell sizes

  • Allows for a saving of 2 shell sizes relative to regular Autosport planforms
  • Very lightweight
  • Almost double the number of contacts compared with the regular Autosport range equivalent shell size
  • Integral screen

Built to Withstand Harsh Environments

  • Conductive black zinc finish
  • Interfacial wire sealing
  • Bonded and sealed insert to prevent moisture ingress

All connectors includes required contacts and insertion/removal tool

Jungties forma: 0 - Ovalaus tvirtinimo lizas

Jungties korpuso dydis: 06

Kontakto dydis: 26 (3A)

Kontakto tipas: S - Lizdas

Kontaktų kiekis: 9

Orientacija: C - Oranžinė