SFS Performance 4mm silicone vaccum hose BLUE


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The world’s premier Motorsport teams regularly select SFS Performance. Our handmade silicone rubber hoses are constructed from one of the toughest polymers available, making them ideal for the high performance environment. All our hoses handle extremes of temperature (from -60°C to +220°C) and have superb resistance to UV, water, ozone and oxygen.

At SFS Performance we use specially formulated compounds to ensure excellent tensile strength and resistance to compression set. In addition, we reinforce our hoses with Polyester or Nomex, enabling our products to handle far higher pressures than standard black rubber hoses.

SFS Performance extruded silicone rubber tubing is ideal for use as:

  • Vacuum Lines; Washer Tubing; Coolant Overflow; Wire Insulation; Emission Control