MAC turbinos slėgio (boost) solenoidas 12V, 3 port

60.00€ / vnt.

Be PVM: 49.59€


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This electronic boost control solenoid allows an Engine Control Unit (ECU) to control boost pressure on a turbocharged engine. The ECU sends a pulse width modulated (PWM) signal to the solenoid. The width of these pulses determines how much the solenoid restricts pressure going to the wastegate. Therefore by controlling the pulse width the ECU has precise control over the boost pressure.

This boost control solenoid can be used with most aftermarket ECUs including Emtron, Bosch Motorsport, Cosworth, MoTeC, Link, AEM, VEMS, MAXXECU, Haltech, etc.


Optimal operating frequency: 25-50hz
Max pressure: 120psi
Usable duty: 10-90%
Supply: 12vdc
Solenoid valve (3 ports)
1/8 NPT female threaded ports
These valves are genuine MAC