Bosch Motorsport rekomenduojamas GPS daviklis 20Hz, RS232

151.25€ / vnt.

Be PVM: 125.00€

Kodas: NL-8004P

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Serial output -> Read in messages via RS232 Interface of DDU 10

Serial Interface is characterized by:
Voltage levels: RS232 is standard (+/-12 V), UART (0 V/ 5 V) needs level shifter

Baud rate: 9,600 is standard for GPS, DDU 10 supports 1,200 to 115,200 baud. GPS Rx interface baud rate must match DDU 10 interface baud rate. DDU 10 Baud rate can be set with the ‘GPS_BAUDRATE’ characteristic Data format: DDU 10 expects 8 data bits, no parity bit, 1 stop bit (8N1)