Bosch Motorsport Steering Wheel Angle Sensor LWS7.3.6, CAN 500kbit

178.50€ / vnt.

Be PVM: 147.52€

Kodas: F02U.V02.894-01

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This sensor is designed to measure rotational movement and angular speed, e.g. steering wheel angle and steering wheel speed.

In order to achieve this, the sensor is using the giant magneto resistive (GMR) effect. The detection of the absolute angle is realized by means of toothed measuring gears with different ratio including small magnets. Corresponding GMR elements that change their electrical resistance according to the magnetic field direction detects the angle position of the measuring gears.

The measured voltages are A/D converted and a microcontroller performs the angle calculations. The steering angle and the steering angle speed are provided on a CAN-interface.