Bosch Motorsport kuro siurblys FP 200 8 bar

494.59€ / vnt.

Be PVM: 408.75€

Kodas: 0580.B00.12U-50

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The FP 200-E is an inline roller cell pump for the installation outside the fuel tank (installation in the tank is not proven).
It is capable of providing 200 l/h at 8 bar. Bio-fuel can be delivered up to E100 (shortens lifetime!).
The FP 200-E is compatible with Gasoline and Diesel fuel.

Fuel pressure: Max. 8,0 bar
Gasoline delivery rate at 8 bar and 22°C: >200 l/h
Diesel delivery rate at 7 bar and 22°C: >180 l/h
Pressure limiting valve: Without. Subsequent assembly possible on pressure side by customer
Fuel compatibility: Up to E100 with shorter lifetime
Diesel compatibility: Given
Operating temperature range: -40 to 80°C
?90°C for ?5 h over 1.000 h lifetime
?105°C for ?1 h over 50 h lifetime